Relocation from California

Finding LuAnn to help us find a home in the Atlanta area was a Godsend! My wife, Debbie, and I began our search for a home while we were still living in Los Angeles. LuAnn took the time to call us and learn what we were looking for in a home and community. It was not long before listings began showing up in my email box! Looking back, it seemed as if each day we could look forward to a new batch of listings from LuAnn. LuAnn’s website also helped us a great deal in narrowing down our search. The site allowed us to establish our own search parameters based on price, home size, location, schools, etc. It helped us to feel as if we were playing a significant part in the search for our home. It was also comforting to know that LuAnn was capable of marshaling the latest technology to use in our search.

LuAnn frequently went “above and beyond the call of duty.” While I was initially interviewing for the job that brought us to Atlanta, LuAnn made herself available, spending two days with me to look at homes. Then Debbie & I flew out together to look at homes prior to our move to Atlanta. We spent three days with LuAnn looking at homes but were unable to locate something that felt right. But these two examples are only just the start of her extraordinary efforts. LuAnn then took steps to locate a home for us to rent, even to the point of previewing the homes prior to making a recommendation! After our move to Atlanta, LuAnn kept in constant contact with us, frequently spending her Saturdays with us to look for homes. Finally, when we found the home we wanted we were crushed to learn that an offer was pending! This didn’t stop LuAnn… she took the time to talk to the listing agent and learn that the deal had not been sealed, which enabled us to make an offer, securing the home. And we are tremendously pleased with the home she found for us!

Still, what I have said here is primarily about what LuAnn did. What makes LuAnn such a wonderful agent is about who she is. LuAnn loves to make people happy, to serve others and to do whatever she can to plant a family in a community where they can blossom. LuAnn took the time to talk with us, to pray with us and to be more than a business associate, she became our friend. In our book, LuAnn Gilmore is in a class all her own and a person would be hard pressed to find another real estate agent of her quality and capability.

Christopher N. Albers
Chief of Police
Georgia Perimeter College